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As a Freemii Member you receive monthly credits applied to your current wireless account. Join our community and get $35 in automated credits every month through Freemii BillPay. You can earn up to $55 in monthly credits when you become an Elite Freemii Member.
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Validate Your Phone #

If you have a smartphone with a valid phone number, you can become a member today. We currently support Boost Mobile®, MetroPCS®, Sprint® and Verizon® Networks.

Connect Your Profile

Connect your social profile to activate your membership and share Freemii with your friends. Help us grow our community. The more you share the more you earn.

Purchase Your Membership

Complete a One-Time Membership Purchase of $149. Your membership fee covers account activation and onboarding costs.

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How to Get Free Unlimited Data, Talk + Text

Confirm you have a valid wireless account with one of our supported carrier networks

Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint or Verizon


Confirm you have a $30 or $35 Monthly Plan for your wireless Account

These plans are primarily for prepaid networks (Boost Mobile or MetroPCS). Monthly Credits will still be issued for all other plans but may not fully cover monthly costs charged by your carrier until you reach a higher Freemii Member Level.


Download the Freemii Go App


Complete Sign Up & Membership Purchase through the App

You’ll need to Validate your Phone Number and/or wireless account information, Connect your Social Profile and Complete Membership Purchase.


Confirm your initial account credit

Initial account credits are usually processed within 24 hrs after you Signup and complete your one-time membership purchase. Your phone number and/or wireless account number must be entered accurately to immediately receive your initial credit. Incorrect information may delay account validation and membership activation.

That's it.

After you confirm your first account credit, you’ll receive your regular account credit every month.

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