Claims Made on Our Site

Free Unlimited Data, Talk, + Text

"Free" refers to the incurring and subsequent payment of charges and fees on a monthly basis as performed by Freemii to the benefit of its members. Specifically, a Freemii Member will enjoy free cellular connectivity where the cost of the member's current carrier plan on a monthly basis is less than the monthly Freemii Account Credits issued to the carrier to the member's benefit. As a member, you may need to change your cellular plan/package so Account Credits may cover your monthly cost entirely.

"Unlimited Data, Talk, + Text" refers to those plans offered by the Freemii supported networks (Boost Mobile®, MetroPCS®, Sprint®, and Verizon®) in which those carries bundle cellular data use, voice/talk airtime, and SMS/MMS messaging as a service.

One-Time Membership Purchase

"One-Time" refers to the singular purchase transaction of a Freemii membership.

"Membership Purchase" refers specifically to the successful completion of a purchase transaction, as evidenced by the Confirmation Page on our website, the confirmation email delivered to the New Member, and verifiable documentation of the transaction via bank or financial institution records.

$0/Month - No Monthly, Annual, or Recurring Charges

"$0/Month" refers to the policy that Freemii Members will NOT incur any charges or fees after the intial membership purchase as a requirement to maintain membership or to continue receiving Account Credits as issued by Freemii BillerPay. Freemii Members may elect to purchase additional services, products, content, etc. per member discretion. These purchases are also NOT a requirement to maintain membership or receive Account Credits.

"No Monthly, Annual, or Recurring Charges" refers to the policy that Monthly, Annual or Recurring charges will NOT be assessed to Freemii Members as a requirement to maintain membership or to continue receiving Account credits as issued by Freemii BillerPay. New and potential members understand the Freemii Membership is NOT a subscription based membership whereas members are NOT required to make additional recurring payments.

4G LTE Nationwide Coverage

"4G LTE" refers to the type of wireless coverage as offered by the Freemii supported networks.

"Nationwide Coverage" refers to the area coverage offered by the Freemii supported networks in markets across the United States.

Get $30 Per Month

"Get $30" refers to the $30 Account Credits Freemii delivers to supported carriers on behalf of each Freemii Member in good standing. This does NOT reflect monetary value delivered directly to members NOR shall it be misconstrued by current or potential members that Freemii Account Credits can be redeemed for cash value.

"Per Month" refers to the policy and membership guidelines establishing the Membership Cycle and Account Credit processing dates to be between the 13th day and the 28th day of each calendar month.

Freemii for Life/Free Data For Life

"Freemii for Life/Free Data For Life" or any other claims or language suggesting similar specifically refer to the policy that a Freemii Member will receive Account Credits for the life and term of his/her membership. The life and term of the Membership can operate in perpetuity per member discretion.

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*Note: Current and potential members should refer to the appropriate carrier website or representative for further details regarding plans, coverage, pricing and any carrier specific information. These statements and all claims are subject to proper account registration, enrollment, and activation. Members must also fully adhere to the terms of use, privacy, and conditions as described in this website. Disclosures are subject to change per Freemii discretion. All members will be formally notified if changes are made.